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Exploring the Value of Apprenticeship Programs

Among the most potent and potentially underutilized strategies to ensure a sustainable tech talent ecosystem is the adoption of tech apprenticeship programs. Let’s dive into the multitude of advantages that apprenticeships offer employers.

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Why ActivateWork?

Why ActivateWork? Recognizing the Need for a Diverse Talent Ecosystem. As a woman in tech, I am keenly aware of the lack of female representation in the industry. As of this writing, women hold just 26.7% of all technology jobs…

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Colorado Voices on Tech

Colorado Voices on Tech: A Conversation With Helen Young Hayes. Listen to the article on Buzzsprout.com In this episode, we spoke with Helen Young Hayes – founder and CEO of ActivateWork and a leading force in Colorado’s Inclusive Economy Initiative…

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Now Is The Time to Lean Into DEI

Now Is The Time to Lean Into DEI.
The headlines are disturbing. Major employers as diverse as Walmart, Ford, Tesla, Amazon, and Re/Max have announced massive layoffs. The vast majority of CEOs expect a recession in 2023, and 50% of companies are planning layoffs…

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