Solve your skills gap. Hire for good.

We develop potential into diverse talent, so you can recruit to retain.

How ActivateWork transforms your talent pipeline

Find untapped talent from underrepresented communities

ActivateWork gives you an instant connection to our exceptional pipeline of highly diverse talent. Our proprietary screening process goes far deeper than traditional hiring to select for four key qualities that predict on-the-job success: work ethic, initiative, follow-through, and coachability.

Prepare people with inherent potential to be exceptional candidates

We partner with you to deliver transformative training and coaching programs that prepare candidates with the skills you need today. Each candidate undergoes a rigorous 8-hour behavioral and aptitude assessment, work experience validation, and interview preparation.

Retain and grow new hires into successful employees

High turnover is a major cost to business, but many companies struggle to find and retain good employees. ActivateWork hires have a 12-month retention rate 36% higher than the industry average.* Each new hire is guaranteed 12 months of personalized coaching and wrap-around support to ensure they excel in their new role.

What We Offer

Denver is experiencing a talent crisis. As experienced business professionals, we’ve seen that talent is evenly distributed across society, but opportunity is not.

We believe the solution is to plug employers into the extraordinary talent available in their larger communities.

We partner with you to transform your talent pipeline end-to-end. We custom-match rigorously pre-screened candidates to your open roles, prepare candidates with individualized training to fit your in-demand skills, and co-design internships, apprenticeships, and upskilling paths to build your future talent pipeline.

Reinventing hiring

Traditional hiring leaves valuable talent out. We’ve reinvented hiring to screen for talent and potential in people with nontraditional backgrounds.

Not only does our unique approach open up promising careers to underrepresented communities, but it gives companies access to an extraordinarily diverse hiring pool.

Each of our candidates is deeply vetted through our proprietary behavioral screening process. Through 8 hours of interviews and assessments, we select the candidates that show the most potential in key traits that predict on-the-job success.

ActivateWork candidates are better screened, better prepared, more diverse, and ultimately, more successful in their roles.


A proven tech program with powerful results

ActivateWork prepares exceptional candidates for roles in IT through a technical training and professional development model developed by Per Scholas. Our training partner, Per Scholas, has amassed extraordinary results across 20 cities by training over 15,000 students and placing 12,000 IT professionals into careers at 500+ companies. We have replicated their model with precision to realize comparable results, including:


of Per Scholas graduates land IT jobs within 12 months


of Per Scholas graduates are retained by their employer after one year


ActivateWork IT professionals will be placed in first 5 years

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 2020 retention in the information industry was 55.2%, compared to a 75% 12-month retention rate among ActivateWork placements.

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