At Activate, our relationships with our placements don’t end when they land a job with one of our employer partners. Instead, we invest in our candidates for the long term to ensure post-placement success.

The pandemic and resulting economic crisis have made staying connected with our placements even more important. Here’s a look at how we’re supporting them during this difficult time.

  • Assisting them with basic needs. We’ve helped our placements secure everything from food to free Internet service to interactive educational activities. When some of the individuals we work with have had challenges finding staples and household supplies from their neighborhood merchants, our team members have dropped off such essentials as rice and beans.
  • Problem solving. Many of our employees have never worked from home, so we’re coaching them on how to develop a schedule and maximize productivity; how to cope with isolation and single-parenting, and how to access Colorado child-care benefits, etc.
  • A shoulder to lean on. We are a sounding board and community for them, with continued focus on encouraging physical, mental and financial health.

Thus far, none of our placements have lost their jobs, proving the value of a career with a strong employer compared to a low-skill job in a low-wage industry. Many of our placements previously worked in industries and for companies that would have laid them off during today’s crisis.

Although 40% of Americans cannot weather a $400 financial emergency, our placements have been saving thousands of dollars on average since employment and are prepared for a crisis. The ability to weather an unexpected disaster is one of our coaching goals, and we’re glad for the wherewithal that our placements have put into practice.

The jobs that our placements have are not simply life-changing; they are lifesaving. Many of our placements tell us they would not have been able to pay the rent or buy food for their families without the opportunity their new careers have enabled. Thank you to our employers, like Denver Health, FirstBank, and Encore Electric, for partnering with us to move people to economic security.