Olivia Cherry

Professional developmenT instructor

Olivia Cherry

As a Professional Development Instructor, Olivia delivers instruction to adult learners in a variety of fields on leadership development, professional writing, business communication, and online presence to ensure success in the workplace.  

Olivia was one of the founding directors at Advancing Communities Together in the Antelope Valley, CA (ACT). ACT is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating, developing, and providing opportunities and resources for disadvantaged and underserved youth and residents of the Antelope Valley, CA.

She believes in providing transformational life experiences and direct services through education, housing, job training, and counseling and the resiliency of not only young people but of her community.

Olivia has worked as a counselor, restorative justice practitioner, and director and has dedicated her career working with young adults and families for the last 15 years. Olivia holds certifications in Addiction Studies, anger management, Alternatives to Violence Program (AVP) conflict resolution, Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT), and a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration.

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