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IT Training and Career Support That Changes Lives

What We Do

ActivateIT develops and connects talented and motivated people with great jobs and employers. We help businesses develop a strategic, diverse talent pool for their jobs today and their workforce of the future. Our comprehensive approach includes curriculum development, student recruiting, instructional delivery, career-readiness coaching, and job placement for your in-demand roles.

We believe that talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. Current hiring practices often eliminate highly qualified candidates from non-traditional populations. We believe that the solution is to develop a talent pipeline of competent professionals from far too often overlooked communities.

Who We Are

ActivateIT is a recruiting, IT training, and coaching organization that focuses on professional and interpersonal development to enable our students to succeed in IT careers and achieve economic freedom.

What We Do

We identify extraordinary talent from overlooked communities, provide world-class IT training, and activate potential into success.

We help businesses develop a strategic diverse talent pool for today as well as the future. Ours is a comprehensive approach that includes curriculum development, student recruiting, instructional delivery, career-readiness coaching and job placement for in-demand roles.

We have the opportunity to solve a pressing business problem and to transform lives and communities in the process. We are seeking passionate, motivated people who want to lead change in Denver. Join us!

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Rigorous IT Training and Career Readiness Coaching

Our courses have high expectations and high accountability. Lasting 6-18 weeks and running 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. daily, they include four days a week of technical skills development. On the fifth day, we train our students on essential skills to succeed in the workplace such as business acumen, social-emotional skill building, customer service, and problem solving.


For six months after placement, we coach our graduates on professional and life skills, helping them to excel at their jobs and become upwardly mobile.

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