Software Engineering

Software Engineering

APPRENTICESHIP: Jr. Software Developer

Software Engineering offers the opportunity to learn the skills and equip you with the knowledge to fill a variety of technology jobs such as Software Engineer, Junior Web Developer, UX/UI Designer, and App Developer. Average base salaries start at $56,000+

Key Technologies:

Learning Targets:

  • Proficient use of HTML5 & CSS3 for frontend design 
  • Exposure to JavaScript and RESTful API interactions
  • MERN stack focus: React, Express, Node.js, and Mongo DB 
  • Hands-on experience with Git &GitHub, SQL & NoSQL 
  • Basic CRUD frontend projects with various artifacts


Tuition-Free Software Engineering Training

Begin your Software Engineering career learning the fundamentals through hands-on instruction covering core concepts and technologies.

Industry Recognized Certifications At No Cost

Unlock your career potential and showcase your job readiness to employers by learning Javascript and Computer Science Concepts.

Free Technical Training in Only 15 Weeks

Software Engineering prepares you for the tech industry as an adept developer with a ready-to-present professional portfolio to share with potential employers and start your career in Web Development, App Development, and many more.

Professional Development Growth Opportunities

Our Career Coaches prepare you with the tools to secure a role in the tech sector. Beyond your resume and LinkedIn profile, the curriculum tunes into your Performance Index to develop your professional and leadership strengths.

Course Details:

Dates: 26 February – 7 June 2024

Length: 15 Weeks

Schedule: M-F 9am-4pm

Location: Hybrid; Online instruction plus face-to-face Professional Development days