Security Fundamentals

IT Support & Security Fundamentals From All Applicable

Security Fundamentals offers the opportunity to earn the CompTIA A+ certification, while also equipping you with knowledge of networking and security fundamental concepts through hands-on learning. With this course, you will be able to fill a wide range of early career technology jobs such as Security Analyst, Infrastructure Management, Desktop, IT Support, Driver Technician, among others. Additionally, at the conclusion of each course, a small group of learners will have the opportunity to engage in live cybersecurity tactical exercises at Metropolitan State University’s award-winning Cybersecurity Center.


Tuition-Free Security Fundamentals Training

Begin your Security, Networking, or Desktop Support career learning the fundamentals through hands-on instruction covering core concepts and technologies.

Industry Recognized Certifications at No Cost

Unlock your career potential and showcase your job readiness to employers by earning the CompTIA A+ certification for free.

Free Technical Training In Only 15 Weeks

Learn 2 years of Desktop Support topics such as troubleshooting, hard drive technologies, and system administration in a fraction of the time.

Professional Development Growth Opportunities

Our Career Coaches prepare you with the tools to secure a role in the tech sector. Beyond your resume and LinkedIn profile, the curriculum tunes into your Pairin profile to develop your professional and leadership strengths.

Course Details

Dates: 6 Feb – 19 May 2023

Length: 15 Weeks

Schedule: M-F 9am-4pm

Location: Hybrid; Online instruction plus face-to-face Professional Development days

CompTIA A+ offered

Connect to a Paid Apprenticeship



Q: What kind of jobs can I get after completing the IT Security Fundamentals course?

A: Cybersecurity experts are needed in a wide range of businesses, from smaller organizations to global companies. You might also seek employment as a vulnerability tester or security auditor for a company that provides digital security services. With the CompTIA A+ certification you will also be able to pursue any early career IT role such as Tech Support Representative, IT Specialist, etc. Starting salaries vary, but the average is approximately $42,000 per year.

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