Lorenzo Walter 


Lorenzo is a Talent Screening Specialist at ActivateWork. A Denver native, Lorenzo has an impressive resume of skills and talents that has brought him from basketball, to fashion, and to retail management. He joined the CrossPurpose Program and attained a certificate in Administrative Assistance. Through the Program, Lorenzo was introduced to the ActivateWork team. He enjoys working with and relating to the people ActivateWork supports. The abundance that the organization has brought to his life personally and professionally has inspired him and he hopes to be a factor in someone else’s success. 

In his personal life, Lorenzo loves being a dad. When the weather permits he looks forward to  stepping outdoors and spending time with his family.

AWS re/Start

(1-Year of Prior IT experience OR an existing IT Certification)

The AWS re/Start course focuses on two key technical areas:

1. IT Fundamentals
2. AWS Cloud

This course will help learners succeed in early-career cloud positions. The technical portion of the curriculum is predominantly hands-on through real-world, scenario-based exercises, labs, and coursework, and includes the end-to-end completion of a project from ideation to reporting, in order to exercise real-life processes.

In addition to technical skills, AWS re/Start teaches soft skills to prepare learners to succeed in a professional environment by preparing them to think critically, build multi-level projects, team dynamics, project planning, communication, and collaboration.


Course Details:

Dates: Coming in 2023

Length:  15 weeks

Schedule: M-F, 9am-4 pm

Location: Hybrid; Online instruction plus face-to-face Professional Development days