Hire for Retention

We provide you a scalable and diverse pipeline of vetted and skilled healthcare talent for your unique hiring needs. We help you recruit for retention through our proven approach to talent development.

Reimagine the Talent Pipeline

We build bridges between underrepresented communities and healthcare employers looking for talent solutions. Employer partners hire from a pre-vetted pipeline of early- to mid-career talent who display initiative, exemplify grit, and are prepared contribute meaningfully. ActivateWork candidates represent a diverse pool of qualified talent with the business professional skills critical in today’s workplace.

ActivateWork is more than just a recruiting and staffing firm—we invest in your new hire for 12 months post-placement to build engagement and ensure retention. We deliver exceptional employees who are more productive, better engaged, and more committed to their jobs and employers for the long-term.

We support your new hire to adjust, excel, and thrive in their new role.

Recruit for Retention

Through our proven find, prepare, and retain model, ActivateWork professional placements have a 75% one-year retention rate with their employer.

We find, prepare, and retain successful candidates

  • Our proprietary screening process goes far deeper than traditional hiring to select for four key qualities that predict on-the-job success: work ethic, initiative, follow-through, and coachability.
  • Each candidate undergoes a rigorous 8-hour behavioral and aptitude assessment, work experience validation, and interview preparation.
  • Each new hire is guaranteed 12 months of personalized coaching and wrap-around support to ensure they excel in their new role. 

Reduce Your Hiring Risk

We reduce the hiring risk through careful selection, rigorous screening, demanding preparation, and 12 months of coaching after every hire. By the time we introduce our candidate to you, they are fully vetted to ensure they are career-ready, motivated, and equipped with the right experience and talents.

By partnering with ActivateWork, you benefit from qualified, job-ready candidates with the skills you need to compete today and in the future.

What We Offer

A centralized, scalable, and diverse talent pipeline

An affordable talent development strategy to fill early- to mid-career positions

Pre-vetted and skilled talent that matches your company’s needs

12 months of individual post-placement coaching and support for new hires

What We Do Best

  • Assess talent for skills that predict on-the-job success, including work ethic, initiative, follow-through, and coachability
  • Match candidates to the right job for success based on our unique screening process
  • Provide comprehensive wraparound support services for every new hire
  • Partner with employers to understand and meet their unique hiring needs
  • Deliver exceptional employees who are more productive, better engaged, and more committed to their jobs and employers for the long-term

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