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Asian Avenue Magazine recap of April 6, 2022 – Elevating Colorado’s Economy by Launching Tech Careers

Last April 6, Governor Jared Polis applauded the work of ActivateWork
in building and creating an ecosystem of talented workers.

ActivateWork provides world-class technology training and credentials through its partner, Per Scholas, who has placed more than 15,000 IT professionals in 500-plus companies in 20 cities.

“Colorado is facing challenges in hiring,” Polis said. “We need the right
applicants for the right skills, for the right jobs.”

ActivateWork’s mission is to help underserved individuals achieve
their fullest potential through the dignity of work. Founded in 2016, the
organization is dedicated to transforming ambition into lasting success
by launching individuals into flourishing careers in IT and healthcare.

About 89 percent of ActivateWork’s learners are low-income, and
more than 20 percent live in extreme poverty when they enter this program,” said Helen Young Hayes, founder and CEO of ActivateWork.
“Many come from lower-wage jobs in retail, hospitality, construction, or
warehousing, while 10 percent are veterans and 70 percent are people
of color, accounting for 30 percent women.”

Hayes, who is Chinese American, shared during her speech that talent
can be found in underrepresented communities, but opportunities are
not available, so ActivateWork provides that bridge to connections.

As a champion of workforce development, Polis served as the keynote
speaker for “Elevating Colorado’s Economy by Launching Tech Careers.”
He discussed the state’s immediate needs for economic mobility. Last
June, Governor Polis signed two bills that invested $75 million to uplift
Colorado’s workforce training programs and expand access to all interested in pursuing apprenticeship pathways.

“This work is a step up to the visions on how everyone can thrive,” Polis

In addition to graduates, employer-partners like PING Identity and
Bank of America are growing a strategic and diverse technology talent
pool through registered cybersecurity apprenticeships.

As ActivateWork builds additional training for IT courses, the goal is to
pave the way to economic mobility and prosperity for low-wage earners
from underrepresented and underserved communities. For more information about ActivateWork, visit ActivateWork.org.