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Develop your tech talent using the time-tested model of apprenticeship

ActivateWork’s apprenticeship program provides a proven “Earn & Learn” model that equips participants for in-demand IT and cybersecurity roles. This structured approach combines paid employment with rigorous industry-aligned training and credentialing, ensuring dedicated time for both practical work and focused learning.


  • Customized Tech Training: Our team will proactively manage your accounts and develop customized pre-employment training and upskilling programs.
  • Recruiting and Preparing: Our R&A experts will screen untapped talent pipelines for work ethic, initiative, follow-through, coachability, and technical aptitude.
  • Pre-Employment Training: Our instructors will develop tailored curricula and courses to match your specific business needs.
  • Dedicated Team: Our technical and professional development instructors, curriculum designers, and subject matter experts will tailor training programs to meet your industry’s needs.
  • Holistic Approach: Our training programs focus 80% on technical skills and 20% on professional development to ensure day-one job readiness.
  • Post-Graduation Support: Our support continues for two years, offering alumni career coaching, job support, and upskilling opportunities.
Recruit, Hire, Train, and Grow Talent

The apprenticeship framework is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing recruitment and training efforts. It’s a structured program that defines the essential skills, wages, and schedules necessary to train apprentices to meet the specific needs of your business.

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

Every business is unique, and the apprenticeship framework is flexible enough to adapt to your specific demands. Whether you need to modify training schedules, skill sets, or wages, the framework can be customized to align perfectly with your organizational requirements, providing a tailored approach to workforce development.

Consistency and Repeatability

Implementing the apprenticeship framework means you no longer need to reinvent the wheel with each new hire. This repeatable process offers a consistent mechanism for recruiting and training new talent, ensuring that all apprentices receive the same high-quality training and development opportunities.

Constant Pipeline of Candidates

Use the apprenticeship framework to establish a reliable pipeline of candidates eager to join your apprenticeship program. This approach helps you manage the ebb and flow of finding new talent, ensuring that you always have a pool of well-prepared candidates ready to step into roles as they become available.


Increase IT Team Retention

According to the Department of Labor, 94% of apprentices who complete their programs remain with their employers. At ActivateWork, our apprentices have a 100% conversion from apprentice to permanent employment with their respective companies. This reduces the costs associated with sourcing, recruiting, hiring, and training new employees, significantly enhancing the return on investment for your apprenticeship program.

Apprenticeships vs. Internships:




  • Duration: 12 months
  • Structured training plan tailored to specific industry roles, progressing from entry-level to experienced
  • Individualized mentorship
  • Paid work experience
  • Often leads to full-time employment
  • Results in a DOL-recognized industry credential



  • Duration: 1-3 months
  • Focus on entry-level tasks
  • Mentorship not always provided
  • Often unpaid
  • Employment is not typically the primary goal
  • Does not result in credentialing

Interested in becoming an Apprentice?

Apprenticeships are exclusively available to graduates of our full-time bootcamps. This ensures learners have the foundational skills necessary for an apprenticeship program.


What our Employer Partners are saying

“Our partnership with ActivateWork for apprentice program hiring is important. The training they provide apprentices is top-notch and prepares them to be productive members of our team.”

–Bob Nogueira, Chief People Officer, Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology

ActivateWork  Founder and CEO, Helen Young Hayes, speaks with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment about apprenticeships.

What our Apprentices are saying

“ActivateWork has provided me with networking strategies, continuous coaching, and the tools I need to navigate my career path effectively.”

–Catalina Quarleri, Software Developer 2024

Apprenticeship Program Hiring Partners

ActivateWork is a Qualified Apprenticeship Intermediary by the Colorado State Apprenticeship Agency

Pathways currently available at ActivateWork:  

  • DevOps Technician
  • Jr Software Developer
  • Cybersecurity Support Technician
  • IT Support Technician

ActivateWork is a Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) 

A Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) provides an industry-driven, high-quality career pathway where organizations can develop and prepare their future workforce, and individuals can obtain paid work experience, formal instruction, and a portable, nationally recognized credential. 

  • Validated by US DOL​
  • Meets national standards for quality and rigor​
  • DOL approved training plans ​
  • Potential tax credits and funds​
  • Through the registered apprenticeship model, your business will develop new hiring systems and contribute to a tech pipeline not only for Colorado but nationwide.

We recognize that compliance is a major concern for employers. That’s why we manage all apprenticeship work through the Department of Labor’s Rapids system. Our internal compliance department handles compliance and administrative tasks, so you don’t have to. Through the registered apprenticeship model, your business will benefit from a highly skilled workforce, increased productivity, and potential tax incentives.

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