Apprenticeship Myth #2

Myth #2 Apprentices are Employees of ActivateWork

Apprenticeships are a valuable bridge between education and often a successful career.  They provide important hands-on experience and development of skills while earning an income.  However, there is still a common misconception that lingers still is who employs the apprentice. Is it the agency who placed them? Or the Company they work at? In this blog post, we will be debunking this myth and shedding some light on the employment dynamics of apprenticeship programs.

Apprenticeship is a real job

Apprentices are employed by the company that hires them.

Apprentices are indeed bona fide host company employees where they are completing their apprenticeship.   While some apprenticeship programs are facilitated or sponsored by intermediary agencies or organizations, like ActivateWork, the apprentices work directly for the host company.  These employers conduct the hiring, training, compensate, offer benefits, and treat them as an integral members of their team.


Companies are responsible for on-the-job training (OJT).

Agencies or employment organizations involved in apprenticeship programs act as implementors and supporters. Like ActivateWork, their role is to connect individuals who have coordinated training to help ensure apprentice success. Nonetheless, the employers remain responsible for implementing training, maintaining management and growth plans, and compensation. Similar to other full-time employees.

apprentices get on the job training
Apprentices are equals

Apprentices are a part of the team.

Apprentices work alongside seasoned professionals, contribute to projects, and quickly become a necessary part of the team.  Employers look to invest in apprenticeships due to their potential to fill crucial roles within the organization, often immediately upon completion of their training.


Agencies control progress and directions.

Agencies and employers often collaborate to ensure that apprentices will receive the required comprehensive training. However, once the apprentice has been placed into the host company. They determine how significant of a role they will end up playing in the organization, regularly whether or not they will accept a permanent position within the organization.

Apprenticeship are controlled by the company
Apprentices go through the same hiring process

Apprentices go through the same hiring process.

Most apprentices have been carefully selected for a pool of qualified candidates based on their skills, potential, attitude, and the organization’s specific needs. That being said, most employers do not view apprentices as an easily replaceable asset mainly provided by the agency since employers are invested in the individual success of each apprentice.

myth busted | Apprentices are not employeed by activatework.

Apprenticeships are an authentic employment opportunity that provide hands-on experience and a pathway for a successful career.  It’s essential to dispel the myth that apprentices are not genuine employees of the host company they are currently working for but are instead employed by the agency who placed them. If you considering pursuing an apprenticeship program, you can now rest assured that you will indeed be a full-time employee and not just a temporary position. If you have any questions in regards to apprenticeships please contact us.