apprenticeship myth #1 apprentices are not full time employees

Myth #1 Apprentices are not Employees

Apprenticeships have been an integral part of workforce training and development programs.  Nonetheless, a continuing myth exists that apprentices are not considered full-time employees.  In this blog post, we will debunk this myth and clarify that apprentices are full-time employees with benefits and hopefully deter individuals from not considering these as a viable career path.

Time length of apprenticeship

Tech apprentices are full-time roles.

While there are part-time and short-term apprenticeships, the tech apprenticeships we offer are full-time employment opportunities.  Many apprentices work full-time hours and some overtime, just like any other employees.  Several dedicate considerable time and attention to gaining practical experience to contribute to their organizations.

as full-time employees, apprentices get full benefits.

Just like any other Full-Time employee, the apprentices can access employer benefits. These benefits can include being added to the employer’s HealthCare Insurance, Retirement Plans, Paid Time off, and even further educational assistance. Apprenticeship programs are often designed to help support their well-being and professional development, making their employment comprehensive and competitive.

apprenticeship benefits
Apprentices are equals

Apprentices are valued members of the team.

Apprentices are seen as an essential part of the workforce and are not treated as second-class employees but as valuable team members.  They often work alongside experienced professionals, contribute to projects, and actively participate in their organization. Employers regularly value their potential and invest in their development to ensure their full potential is reached.

Apprentices are paid a living wage.

The Department of Labor, which we are registered with, helps intermediaries like ActivateWork create apprenticeships that are fully paid.  Apprentices make a living wage from day one.  During their training, they are taken on a wage journey and receive increases in pay as their knowledge increases.  The wage journey is part of the offer at the time of hire.

apprentices are paid a living wage
apprentices are built to last


Apprenticeship leads to a career at the same company.

While many Apprenticeships have a specific duration, they are not mere short-lived experiences. They are intended to lead to a full-time position at the same company.  There is a 93% retention rate of apprentices nationally. They can serve as stepping stones to many different long-term careers.  Completing an Apprenticeship program often results in recognition or certification for industry credentials, regularly boosting their career prospects.

myth busted | Apprentices are full-time employees.

The Myth that apprentices are not Full-Time Employees needs to be debunked.  Apprenticeships are a valuable, structured, legitimate career path offering hands-on experience, competitive compensation, and growth opportunities.  These programs equip individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their field. Apprentices are compensated for their work, as seen above, and are seen as valuable contributors and play a vital role in sustaining industries and organizations.  If you’re considering an apprenticeship, rest assured that you are embarking on a rewarding Full-Time career that can and will lead to long-term success.