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Are you looking to pivot into a new career? Perhaps you have been searching for jobs that offer a good starting salary, benefits, and advancement opportunities. If your search is coming up short, you should consider pursuing a career in IT.

Here are five reasons why:


1. The reward of helping people. 

Whether you’re an IT Support Specialist, Help Desk Analyst, or Systems Administrator, you get to be the front line support for helping others understand and navigate technology. By troubleshooting computer issues or setting up new equipment or software, you are ensuring their satisfaction and making sure they can easily access their technology to meet their needs. Companies need customer-focused individuals that can communicate effectively with customers and walk them through their technology. 

 2. The salary potential. 

The average salary for IT Support Specialists in the U.S. is $52,276. There are often opportunities for upskilling and advancing into other positions within a company including account executives, software engineering, and more. There are many pathways for entering this field, even without a Bachelor’s degree such as earning industry-recognized certifications, such as CompTIA A+, Google IT Support, Network+ among others. 

 3. The job demand. 

The outlook for IT-related jobs is very bright, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with jobs projected to grow at 8% in the next 10 years, much faster than the average for all occupations. Nearly one million people will be in this occupation by 2029, leaving thousands of open jobs in the field. In Colorado, there are hundreds of employers hiring for IT Support positions. 

4. The benefits. 

Jobs with tech companies typically offer amazing benefits, including generous time off, employer-matched 401k, health insurance, remote work options, continuing education, and more! These benefits help you to balance work and life as well as invest in your future! 

 5. The opportunity for continuous growth 

The IT field is ever-changing and evolving! When you pursue a career in IT, you commit to ongoing learning and career development through additional training and certification options. You get to be on the leading edge of changes in the IT field and be an early adapter. Companies offer opportunities for promotion and advancement with additional education. 


So, you’re intrigued, but you’re wondering, “what does it take to land a job in IT?” I’m glad you asked. Many employers are looking for candidates that have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED and have the skills and entry-level certifications to be successful in the role of an IT Support Specialist. 

ActivateIT Powered by Per Scholas helps low-income individuals to earn these skills and certifications through our tuition-free IT training program. With 12 weeks of IT training, career development, coaching, and job placement support, students are equipped with the skills and education needed to launch into this new career. 

Your dream job may be closer than you think. Start with the ActivateIT Powered by Per Scholas IT Support Course! We are now accepting applications for our next cohort, learn more and apply today!


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